4 января 2015

The practice of Enterprise Architecture

The practice of Enterprise Architecture

На портале BiZZdesign появилась книга "The practice of Enterprise Architecture". Электронная версия книги распространятся бесплатно. Книга представляет собой описание практики применения TOGAF и ArchiMate. Авторы Bas van Gils & Sven van Dijk делятся опытом и вынесенными уроками.

Фокус книги:

"While each of these approaches are useful in their own right, we focus on enterprise architecture management in this book. A lot has been said and written about EA over the last few decades. Loosely defined, EA can be seen as a strategic discipline that helps organizations to get to grips with the question: how should we organize ourselves, and how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

Various frameworks, modeling languages, tools, and techniques have been developed, published, used and tested in practice. There are so many of them that it is hard to keep up. Our goal is not to add another framework or approach ip this growing body of knowledge. Instead, we aim to consolidate and share our experience with the EA discipline of the past 10 years: what did work? What didn't work? What are common pitfalls and success factors? What are good best practices?"

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