15 марта 2013

Приглашение на t-MBA Summit 2013, Стамбул

Приглашение на t-MBA Summit 2013, Стамбул

На этой неделе получил приглашение выступить на ежегодном международном t-MBA Summit.

На этой неделе я получил приглашение выступить на ежегодном мероприятии t-MBA.

t-MBA is an education model implemented by Doğa Schools; in which the Management Master’s Degree Program has been adapted to the level of high school students. The t-MBA Education Model aims to earn Doğa Schools' students a distinctive competence and skills apart from the standard curriculum so as to move them a step further than their rivalry. It sets out with the philosophy to raise entrepreneurs, self-confident and social leaders who express themselves well and are ready for the future. There are six different interacting elements which constitute the t-MBA model in order to gain these competencies; Student Councils, t-MBA Academic Program, Foreign Language Education Program, International Projects, Interdisciplinary Education, and Educational Coaching. The students who graduate from the t-MBA Education Model, which is the only education model in Turkey with international accreditation, also receive a t-MBA Diploma endorsed by the World Accreditation Body, EdExcel, along with their national high school diploma.

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